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With the most suitable spring wild jersey, season essential

The temperature is getting warmer, windbreaker can be said that the season must have money, simple and elegant windbreaker, you can hold any occasion, in the closet prepared a classic windbreaker, how to wear will not be outdated. Windbreaker originated in the war needs, with the war ended, a lot of movie stars often wearing a trench coat to leave, so that windbreaker has become a fashion item, has been handed down so far. Now, popular for decades of windbreaker gradually get rid of the original classic style, with hundreds of styles, but in any case, the change is unobtrusive and unrestrained unruly image. Khaki moncler outlet has always been a classic coat of windbreaker, a long section of windbreaker, waist belt to enhance the waistline, appears to be self-cultivation and temperament, or open to wear, can walk with the wind. For the love of the windbreaker, more because of its wild sex, with the elegant dresses can be elegant, with the work wear can be elite Fan, with leisure and take the street style can be full, what reason do not love it. Cut neat H version of the type, wearing no pick the moncler jacket body, the atmosphere of the collar design collar, free and easy and temperament, the cloth belt embellishment, to create a sense of hierarchy, seven lantern sleeves, was thin and comfortable.

Thin suit fabric, drape and smooth, taking into account the elegant windbreaker, no added cloth, loose version, no shape lapel, after the split fork design, make windbreaker more elegant. Waist big skirt design, a kind of French romance, windbreaker no belt, it is recommended with a belt, will look more elegant, thick windbreaker medium, but very windshield. A word small skirt design, coupled with a small lapel, is no longer the sweater Street coat, but also less likely to Zhuanshan, significant temperament of the light, but also wild and unique. Dress jacket style, can be described as a concave shape of the magic, warm wind at the same time, but also the wind swing, to create a freestyle but both feminine style. In the long section of the moncler men H-type windbreaker, with a little boy-like nature and free and easy, how to wear will have the desired sense of leisure and comfort, relaxed silhouette, inclusive of all body type is not perfect. Profile of the upper body type profile moncler outlet is very good, almost pick the body, in the long section of the little man looks very angry, black wild, pink, age, green was white. Belongs to a handsome feminine coat, although the color is very neutral, but the details of the very feminine, can be directly pierced the feminine soft coexistence of girls feeling.