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White shirts and flower shirts, workplace men wear Raiders

As office wear, light blue, light red, light yellow, beige, ivory and other light colors are undoubtedly the mainstream of shirts. However, if it is not a very serious occasion, some of the printing elements that are popular this year are also worth trying. Judging from the current fashion trends, the design of the collar of the minimalist shirt must be simple and low-key, which is also the trend of the resumption of minimalism. When wearing, tie the shirt to the neck, highlighting the charm of a gentleman. Pick a shirt with a sturdy, technical fabric that is both stylish and stylish. A fair-skinned man can choose to wear a green, gray tone shirt, it will appear low-key and not lose the taste. Choosing a slightly looser white shirt, with a loose windbreaker, the rigid white shirt will glow with new vitality. Solid color shirts are good, but they are also boring. Occasionally using a stylish print shirt as a ride, is also a common choice for men. It's best to choose a dark shirt with a low-key and generous style. It doesn't seem like you've just returned from Hawaii.

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