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Wear new tricks every day, rely on fashion primer shirt

To the weather getting cool season, bottoming shirt finally been moncler jacket a lot of my sister from the bottom of the cabinet to find out. As a wild little bottomless shirt handkerchief, each sister can not wait to prepare a few pieces to prepare for a rainy day. It can not only wear outside, you can also ride inside, whether you are equipped with windbreaker, coat, jacket, it can be perfectly hold live. Piercing in the twinkling of an eye the unique beauty, chic and wild primer shirt is the key. Basis bottoming shirt has been put on the uniforms or uniforms of the moment, in the ordinary bottoming shirt can no longer make you satisfied with the moment, looking for a bottoming shirt and others are different girls should be the common wish It! If the time back thirty years really have no choice but the reality is that we simply can not prevent the years of change, the function of the primer shirt should be upgraded with the evolution of fashion evolution, and now the style of primer shirt count It is colorful and varied. At least to be cool in autumn and winter fun. Bottom shirt fashion designer has added a lot of color, tight bottoming shirt was thin, loose bottoming shirt and very casual, and some bat sleeves, cross straps and so on a series of elements have been used, so for more Trendy primer shirt, is not every woman have to do every year the choice? Classic striped elements, stylish texture, show the refined retro style. Half-neckline design, very warm. Tempered round neck even more temperament, fit the neck curve, modified neck lines. Delicate pit design, neat and clean. Hooded knit design, more lively and playful feel. Loose version of the design is very slim and slim. Knitted hollow like a pattern as beautiful, so that overall increase the vitality of clothing, casual comfort, wearing freedom.

Featured high-quality fabrics, upper body soft and comfortable, excellent skin-friendly. Triangle tip collar and cuffs handle, personalized fashion, add a sense of detail. Loose cuff design, easy to create lazy feeling. Stylish and sexy V neck design, can be well modified face and neck lines, highlighting the charming clavicle. Moderate width and moncler men width of cuffs, activities freely, personalized comfort. 3D three-dimensional cut, set off a charming curve, showing the charm of sexy fashion. Big round neck collar design, more neck slender lines. Smooth seagull lines full of detail, simple and refreshing. Different texture splicing, dividing lines, is a combination of gentle and sexy, elegant atmosphere. Round neck collar design, classic and generous, wild fashion. Cuffs closing treatment, moncler jackets more in good moncler coats order. Embroidery designs on the sleeves, asymmetrical embroidery on both sides, very personal fashion. Hem wave processing, chic full sense.