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Unprecedented beauty of youth, pride and fresh walking

Fashion out of full of bright, but it is also a double-edged sword, get bad is spent innocent money also lost the taste of people's face, the most sad is the fur fashion off, better time to pay the flesh, bought Not only is not comfortable fashion, but attracted vulgar Hyun-rich suspicion, but fortunately, youth dare to challenge, live up magnificent, do not take the jiaohan, pride fresh in diminutive. Hit large color lapel, although with a full sense of the mirror, but it is not wayward to make people dare not look, on the contrary, against the shrouds Shoulder Lantern sleeves Jiaohan, people can not help but think that this is only a doll collar playful transformation, not only plain Add a layer of vivid sense of hierarchy, it is fresh and romantic on the election by age. Compared to the subtle pink sheer implicit, fox fur and super cap really did reveal the magnificent infinite domineering, but fortunately, all the extravagant sweet girl cute, like a carry-on plush toys, Can not say childish by age.

Handsome little, is the most indispensable youth of the rash flavor, even if it is fur, but also afford the taste of passionate neatness, khaki as a low-key extravagant intellectual envoy, even hand fur, expensive, smooth cut velvet and handsome Epaulettes, but also let the rate of exquisite investment really hugged. Whose youth can leave a Parker coat, although no longer have to worry about the smoke everywhere, but the share of handsome casual fascinating, large fur collar is considered the most luxurious magnificent, but I do not know, the real atmosphere is fur Inside the low-key classic continuation. The starting point of love fur there are many, belonging to the grandness of youth do not want so much gorgeous grace, switch to the delicate girl lazy soft, but also a unique feeling, control quality and quality will become fashionable and relaxed, just like This is a trimmed fleece.

Black Dao Dang romantic fashion, people preferred cool and dazzle, the same fur, fluffy side to myself, all visible are cool sonorous, the United States and the United States high and not cold, do not know if this count Be regarded as soft inside and outside, conceal moncler sale the reach of popular field. Delicate and beautiful young woman may be messing moncler sale with the most noble pity jade, whether it is pink purple dreams, or fine and smooth cut fine, are low-key fit the popular interpretation of simple, and finally with classic and leisurely interpretation Romantic temptation extraordinary. Hand holding a playful youthful brush, painting the passion of the unique charm, hit color hoodies, ubiquitous unruly at random, but it is not luxury and arrogance to do the end, of course, not the eye-catching flashy atmosphere, but moncler jackets full of heart The quality of pure, moncler men plus a little girl heart.