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These coats make you minutes ladies fan

Big winter seems to have become the first major event of warmth, in order to keep warm, big jacket, thick coat, Qiu Yiqiu pants ... Into the brain to the sleeve, where there are small fairy kind. How can because of the cold into pigs and pigs, from beginning to end of the exquisite in what season can not be discarded. Go lady style fairy is not particularly tangled to wear anything. A coat can easily withstand all the cold, it is essential winter. Like to go lady style fairy, may wish to carefully selected some warm and stylish ladies coat Since the coat to ladies, first of all to say the sense of design, tailored fit coat must say a sense of design, smooth lines and comfortable material must not Less, but also the basic conditions of a coat. Ladies, but also pay attention to the machine, some careful machine decoration, such as bowknot, large fur collar design can make ladies standing proudly. A small series carefully selected for the fairy ladies section, it is better to moncler sale take a look at: fashion icon has long been trapped in the retro check this coat vortex. However, the general plaid shirt is undoubtedly mediocre, how can we wear a unique sense of it? This coat will be navy blue lamb elements added, the classic easily processed into a unique fashion. Short coat to make the operation more convenient, but also easy to show you big legs. Warm and pull the wind! Such a charm of a single product is not justified!

Eye-catching red as the main color of this coat, gentle, more a sense of the atmosphere, at a glance to see you in the crowd. Houndstooth as a million years of classic models, never outdated but was given the general atmosphere of the gentle red wine of different general vitality. Large v collar design, foreign style and easily modified face. Large outline design domineering, but also can easily adapt to a variety of different body, so you wear more fashion sense. Light-colored coat has always given a romantic feel in it! The choice of Mohair woolen material, the surface has soft plush, so the touch and visual will make people feel, wow, so warm ah effect! Fur collar moncler coats warm and caring, A-shaped design also let a good body show no doubt. Full texture of a, three-dimensional type, full of tough feeling, highlighting the upper body texture. Atmospheric suit collar, simple not pick people, grooming face, elongated neck collar ratio. Short section of the design, the overall proportion of elongated, was significantly high leg length, very lovable one. Loose profile, not pick people to wear, button embellishment, rich overall shape. Hem elastic lace decoration, fashion degree burst, chic personality. Unique ink jacquard is brought literary fashion essential fine war vest black bagging calm and restrained, and with a thick personal style. Sleeve design is also more majestic, highlighting the personality of girls has always been free and unruly. It is a very cool coat.

Although the white coat is not dirty, but the white coat in the winter really super-existence. Bare pink hit the color edge with gold metal buckle, these details are so full of commendable moncler men elements of the moncler sale coat. The most favored is the semicircular arc pocket shape, is simply the crowning pockets of the design. Clothes lamb hair lapel soft and clean. White and green plaid collision more copies Smart and chic. Buttons but finishing touch. Three-dimensional big circle buckle and coat complement each other. A lot of down down the weight, heavy weight. Overall harmony and gentle. Of course, autumn and winter seasons should wear gas field and beauty both coat. This coat is stiff, straight alignment. Horns buckle design makes it a lot of extra points in the gas field, the length of the knees in the cold autumn and winter add warmth. Both the type and detail are beautiful. This beautiful coat, what are you waiting for?