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The weather is too hot to know how to wear it? Better take a look at the colors

The sweltering summer makes people feel impetuous. The whole world will feel gray. The fashion ladies and sisters are very troubled by this question. How can we make this summer's world full of color? Hundreds of pure collocation teachers decorated their stylish colors! The sky blue series of clothes is produced year after year. This year's color is unexpectedly beautiful. Summer wear is so beautiful. The design of the collar lace adds some girls atmosphere. A word umbrella skirt slimming, feminine oh! The small love heart pattern in the skirt is particularly refreshing and elegant. The color scheme is very beautiful. It is matched with the knit texture. moncler jacket The pairing of uppercase, in order to highlight the texture, it also joins the love of the golden thread. These are all woven through different knitting techniques. The delicate appearance can be seen with particularly good waistlines. The figure is particularly prominent. The hem is solidly open, the French romantic retro style, and the upper body is particularly slim and elegant. Temperament not!

Very fresh fruit green, is not unknowingly think of ice cream, people have a very cool feeling, quiet and fresh, very feminine, simple five-point sleeve design, version of the style of quiet temperament, in the early summer The pale lining of temperament, the fine texture of the close stitch on the half skirt texture, the natural change of the pits into the umbrella skirt effect, the natural hem of the hem, the return to the girlhood and no deliberately play tender, and very thin, very beautiful Temperament! In 2018, the summer pink color is still on the list of popular colors. Pure color masters give pink a better name, light hawthorn powder. Even if you dare not try it, you can't help but look at it. Because the eyes are so beautiful, it is a romantic color that makes people feel calm and comfortable inside. The delicate texture of the needles is used on the texture to present a beautiful sunflower. Petal collar. The petal sleeves have a gentle and romantic touch. They are fashionable, comfortable moncler sale and introverted. They reveal a neck moncler women and are more slender. In moncler men the era of girls, no one can play tender. This has always been the love of those who love beauty! Contrast between color and plane, both stereo and layered. Different blue multiple debugging shows very good results, this year's popular sports suite color mosaic series, skilled knitting process using amazing! The simple round-neck design makes it comfortable to wear and it has a more stylish affinity. Contrast-colored striped raglan sleeves create a vibrant, light sporting look that is stylishly worn. A neat, straight-line silhouette skirt brings a sleek, easy-to-wear style to the outer wear. Delicate knit material, with good elasticity, soft and comfortable to wear! High waist design, elegant and elegant folds, not only the United States and modified body, forest green is particularly skin color, chest buttons decorated with a significant foreign air, high waistline, length is also ideal, just cover the position of small thick legs, The slim legs are exposed!