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Striped Polo Shirt Joys to wake up your wardrobe

In the summer, men in the workplace should all have a POLO shirt. Its sense of casualness can hold a relaxed and suitable business exchange such as a golf course. Its formal sense can also help you create a mature and stable image in the workplace. . Wild Polo shirt, fresh and fashionable look, young and fashionable, blue and white stripes to bring the sea to the summer atmosphere, so that the eyes can be completely relaxed, can be equipped with a simple cowboy highlights its refreshing vitality, or moncler men trousers light shoes texture Commuting wind. The Polo shirt associated with the nobility sport, with tight and strong muscles to control it is very perfect, regardless of the sporty occasions or the casual leisure time, can show extravagance and style. Bright red and white stripes sway summer enthusiasm, the following splicing navy blue to make the overall more restraint, but also for the preparation of dark colors, red, white and blue colors are also very classic, crisp shirt collar collar formal casual leisure, from There is no moncler men pressure from the college to the workplace. The classic beaded mesh fabric is breathable and cool. The embroidered horse on the left chest is exquisitely textured. The classic style means that the practicality does not pick people and will not be outdated. The black moncler jackets and blue stripes will be calm and elegant, with a formal sense of a gentleman. Texture.

Lapels and bodice use different density stripes to enrich the visual level, blue-gray stripes are introverted and intellectual, and the colors on them can be selected to echo the gradient or brighten the whole shape with white. Contrast stripes are clearly defined, white is the main style, and the black and gray form a gradual gradient effect. The neutral color mainly plays a small area of ??red ornament. The whole will not be too high, but it has temperature and vitality. Blue, orange, and orange tri-colored stripes vary in width and size and are plentiful enough to be eye-catching. Others choose colors to make the whole not too fancy. You can join baseball caps and other young items to awaken inner vitality. You can also choose a simple textured product to set off the background. Elegant and stable temperament. The highlights of the orange and blue stripes on the blue background highlight the asymmetrical beauty of the left chest pocket breaking rule, giving the sun a more active and fashionable atmosphere. It can be used with younger items to demonstrate youthfulness or to maintain a single product to express mature charm.