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Remarkably elegant and relaxed, pajamas and shirts are very stylish

The moncler coats shirt is really worn in the new style and a lot of grass. This time, the selection will focus on the collar. The lapel like a suit will form a thin and cool V-shape, but it is more intellectual and subtle than the ordinary V-neck. There are several types of names, including the Cuban collar/retro lapel in the men's wear and the pajama collar used in the women's wear. Stacked white printed long-sleeved T-shirt inside the black printed pajamas wind shirt, the color harmony echoes, white T can also brighten the skin color, the outer short and long length of the stacking method is also very trendy, wearing denim pencil pants to close the lines, The style is simple and clean. Cotton shirts avoid the stereotypes by having these sleeping collars open and closed with these fresh details. The embroidered decorative chest pockets are low-key and chic. The loose-shouldered version is comfortable and slim, and the delicate folds behind add a little playfulness, adding freshness to the styling. Elegant charm. Let white shirts avoid monotony, edging Dafa clearly and clearly, on the basis of the original tailoring to highlight the structural outline of the shirt, instantly sparkling lively, college suits, pajamas shirts of the dimension wall to break this, pink trim brings fresh and beautiful halo Can light up mood.

Black hemline white shirt, color more cool, black thin lines in a large area of ??white walk, if there is nothing, fine and delicate, is the pen of the fun of the high street fan, with a black wide leg pants, showing in the flowing water Modern and immortal. V-neck has always been generous and accessible, with a small chest wearing a sense of high-quality, large breasts can also weaken the sense of the visual sense of thin, so casual shirt wear is very reliant on the deduction, in order to highlight the skin to achieve lean purposes, pajamas wind lapel With V-shaped without any deliberate, cool and thin sense of high-level solutions to really close. Red wine white wave point interpretation of playful retro style, loose H version of the classic and practical wear, lazy pajamas wind lapel easily interpreted French elegant fan, brighter season has it better, take high-waist wide leg pants neat atmosphere, in recent years, hot Retro pockets, big earrings can also match it. The navy wind lapel lines are even moncler women more fluid and smooth, with a chic shawl effect behind it, which can be used to modify the upper body lines. The double-breasted coats used in coats or suits are used on shirts. The uniqueness is unique. The flared cuffs are chic and the fabric is smooth. Good drape, dressed in a neat dress.

Wide and large oversize version of the wear casual boyfriend style, front pajamas wind lapel, followed by a collar pulled down after the effect, lazy whimsical style unique, collar embroidery embroidered firmly attract attention, fall shoulder Folded lantern sleeve elegant retro. The trend of plaids is getting more and more intense. There are many different colors. The British and college styles represented by the Scottish red plaid are also updated. The worsted cotton fabric shows a neat silhouette. The buttons under the pajamas wind collars are free from irregularities and irregularities. The chest pocket also used a check pattern with different directions to collide and break the stereotypes to show a variety of geometric styles. A variety of slogan slogans were bombed in turn, showing how important it is to dress and express themselves. Khaki apricots are a low-key, gentle, high-saturated, red-green, slogan-style slogan that instantly captures positive energy transmitters and uses cowboy youth. It's nice to mix it with coolness. The zodiac elements have experienced a variety of long-sleeved items and then turned to shirts. The elements of the shape and spirit of Wang are selected and arranged in order to achieve a moderate size, so that moncler women the lazy fan shirts are full of life and unconventional, light blue shirts. Express fresh and beautiful summer, burgundy edge to enhance the degree of refinement. The light blue background is like the vastness of the sea and sky. It complements the prints on the submarine style. It is full of dreams and full of coolness. The printed content is rich in bearing memories and hopes. The neutral shirt version is well-dressed for a sense of coolness. Daily commuting and vacations are available. Use it to save the field. The last one is a dress, high-waisted and elegant retro, suit-style contrast color lapel to add a capable woman style, horizontal and vertical stripe mosaic rich to avoid monotonous, black and white color fresh and elegant, add color accessories can be lively and romantic, with a simple low-key shoes Can understand commuting.