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Quite a type of leisure suits highlight gentleman temperament

Compared with the suits and suits, casual moncler jacket suits fabric can be more diverse, more comfortable to wear, little sense of restraint. In the mix, it does not necessarily match the formal trousers, you can wear a different type of male range. Different seasons, different colors, or out of different occasions, casual suit turned fashion gentleman. Whether it is clothing or custom, fabrics and tailoring are particularly important, leisure suits, fabric diversity, thin sections have to adapt to different temperature environments. In color, the choice is also more diverse, not just dark, solid color, British style of the wind, pinstripe or dark flowers, full of tide. Wearing a casual suit, you can deal with different occasions, in the workplace, elite business men can be; in life, it can be the focus of friends gathering. In autumn and winter, choose thick materials, such as moncler outlet woolen, cashmere or corduroy leisure suits, but also as a small jacket, within the shirt or sweater, to create simple fashion. 3D three-dimensional cut, a good version, fine car line shaping, there is no type of binding, suitable for Asian men's shoulder lines. Casual suit jacket, both for the workplace, business, but also party wear, easy to navigate different occasions. 74.5% wool, 25.5% silk material, crisp and crisp.

Detailed check suit jacket, 67% polyester, 33% viscose mixed materials, using high-density fabric production, ultra-light texture, comfortable and soft, more relaxed and comfortable. No iron anti-wrinkle, Slim version, show simple gentleman style. After the split design, elegant, highlighting the extraordinary temperament. Slim version of the type, exquisite tailoring, highlight the charming charm. Chic suit collar, neat and tidy alignment, rich texture. Shoulder profile more three-dimensional tall and straight, the back version of the free style, comfortable to wear. Not easy to deform cuffs, moving, button design, comfortable and wear-resistant. Featured high-quality fabrics, easy to care anti-wrinkle anti-pollution, comfortable to wear a better sense of touch. Delicate generous collar, chic chest pocket, just the right waist Slim, soft and yet crisp version. Crack floral, low-key elegant, both wild black models, but also a little special wine red.

Simple neckline, fit the curve of the neck cut, classic easy to take. Shoulder design, elastic fabric, not easily deformed, there will be no sense of restraint. Chest pocket design, curve cut, exquisite alignment. Arc suit hem, put a single fork, splicing delicate, alignment. Blended material, feel comfortable, not easy to rot, but also not easy to produce static electricity. With a slight flexibility, clothes stiff, not deformed. Fine pin alignment, to create the overall outline, rather vintage taste. Self-cultivation version of the model, just a good income effect, double-split design, trim upright stature. High-quality fiber fabric, the details highlight the quality. Collar neat cut neat and tidy highlight the self-confidence temperament. Cuff with four buttons, gestures, and the front edge with metal trim buttons, more elegant charm. Classic bag pocket, the appearance of flat, keep the clothes straight at all times. Coarse needle retro style, the grid technology, Seiko textile, texture, flexibility and good sense of vertical. Skin-friendly lining, selected materials, feel smooth, lips inside the bag, to protect valuables. Classic triangular collar, Slim tall, simple and neat, tailored pocket design, simple structure, beautiful and practical.