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Leather and jeans, so you change the second fashion icon!

Winter is coming, all the way fairies have put on a coat, coat. In such an all-you-can-wear, if you want to be outstanding, you naturally spend a little effort. This time, you can choose to try other types of winter clothing, such as: leather. Leather is always a cool pronoun. Leather dress well, be able to spike all the way; leather poorly dressed, inevitably awkward. In many of these collocation, and leather can be the perfect match with jeans. The sense of leather jacket coupled with the sense of straightforward jeans, can be said to be the most fit. Jeans have always been very popular and moncler women very common as a single product. Hole jeans, tassels cowboy, narrow-footed cowboy, all have their own characteristics. Want to wear leather but afraid to wear bad? Better to choose a self-cultivation jeans now! Can we go wrong? Take a look Xiaobian to introduce you to these jeans and leather! Leather design is very texture, pure sheepskin fabric design highlights the comfort. Zipper element design, perfect. The design of lapel is also very popular, more classic. Whether it is with jeans or wide leg pants, are cool.

Very classic high waist jeans. Fabric comfort stretch stick. Stretch design more able to highlight the figure, but also can achieve very good thin effect. Joker and fashion, so out of a color jeans, and quickly add to the shopping cart! One of the big design highlights of pants is the high waist design, can well stretch the body proportions. Tied into the pants in moncler women the shirt, it is divided into minutes with long legs. Slim version of the model can well demonstrate the perfect body, was thin and tall. Trousers waist design super-considerate, covering both sides of the fleshy, abdomen empty, it will have a V-shaped waist effect, coupled with the belt even more lean, but also not bound to not breathe. The whole pants give a very stylish temperament. Do you really like it?

Rich velvet fabric design, so that the whole pants to wear more comfortable and warm. Straight pants-type design, Slim was thin, not pick the leg type. Simple pocket design, beautiful and practical. Good moncler coats version of wear a good figure. High waist design, to better hip. Put on more prominent temperament. Hurry up! Featured high-quality washed PU leather, high density, cortex delicate, shiny, waterproof, wear comfortable breathable. Collar high elastic thread stitching design, can not afford the ball, do not fade, comfortable and natural, modified neck type, highlighting the charming clavicle. High-quality zipper design, fine workmanship, shiny smooth wear. The moncler coats whole design is very handsome cool leather coat. One fur design, so you wear it to play handsome at the same time feel warm. Featured high-quality leather production, texture, fabric touch softer. Fur embellishment so that the entire dress in the handsome added a soft. Classic flat air lapel, dignified fashion, highlighting the personality and elegance. Side pocket design, coupled with zipper decoration, enriched the sense of hierarchy, temperament and fashion. Cuff width is moderate, the button design can be relaxed or narrowed. Decorative hem button design, more stylish wear, but also the body can be modified lines.