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Knit sweater, accompany you warm winter

The cold winter has arrived, moncler jacket and some moncler sale places even start to snow. Every now and then, the little fairies can not help but begin to tangle in the end what should be able to withstand the terrible cold, but also will not put themselves into a big dumplings? The answer is of course a knit sweater. The warmth of knit sweaters really super good, but also very wild yo, little fairy who only wrapped in a coat or jacket can go out! In fact, the coat has been wrapped in very thick winter, thin is the best trick is to wear a V-neck sweater yo. Looming clavicle really makes the whole person look sexy and slim it! The fairies with pants or skirts are properly matched yo. Very thick knit jacket, will receive very weight Oh, long section, red is very positive, black wild, this foot can be worn for a long time, super good to wear take, how to wear, how nice! In the long section of the new sweater dress set, gentle enough basic models pure-knit sweater. That dull gentle, like lotus lotus breeze shy. Improve the possibility of taking the ride, especially you feel like a lady, whether it will like it so gentle.

In haze winter, a hit color sweater may bring a hint of warmth. And the little fairies do not have to worry about it is difficult to match, in fact, only need a solid color can hold it completely yo nails beads tassel hit color mohair sweater, handmade Dingzhu tablets, handmade are very three-dimensional dressing and There is activity. This classic crew neck sweater is exquisite texture at the details, the color pattern of the interface is also very nice. Small stand-collar design elegant, revealing the infinite warm atmosphere. Easily modify the neck lines, simple style with a fresh pure color, it looks elegant. Clothes made of different weave, hollow texture look simple, split-type shut-off design allows you moncler women to reveal a small navel, sexy do not want, put on full gas field. T-neck sweater in the winter is also a good choice. Round neck is always able to moncler sale groom the face, so that the fairies look more gentle. If accompanied by a warm scarf, but also bring more gentle yo yo.