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In the name of flowers, the spring and summer is splendid

The splendid spring and summer season gave full-coloured dresses for reasons. Exquisite and vivid embroidery is a part of it. It adds a bit of decoration to simple clothing, adds a touch of fun to a dull life, is exquisitely small or exquisitely gorgeous, and is partially decorated with exhilaration. , At the same time shift the visual focus to achieve the purpose of increasing or showing moncler jackets thin. Embroidered short-sleeved knits with the same classic shape as T-shirts are perfect for a flowery skirt, fresh and elegant. Monochrome Feather Embroidery Washes the lead in simplicity and elegance. The style stops till the point is reached. The T-shirt maximizes the versatility of the basic model. The feather's light and soft properties and the cotton T's style are intrinsic to each other. The finishing touch. The chest bear embroidery is cute and adorable, bright diamonds embellish eyes and necklaces, three-dimensional exquisite brilliance, slender cuffs highlight the slender arms, highlights the sweet but not tired lady fan, the moncler outlet overall foundation is no lack of design sense of wild, into the high-waist under dress Leg length and tall. Comfortable and practical wear does not pick loose T-shirts, symmetrical embroidered patterns on both sides of the shoulder add a sense of femininity, weakening the visual horizontal width has a shoulder effect, transfer the visual focus to destroy the overall sense to help indirectly self-cultivation, fresh and natural flowers, artistic conception, whether with fairy skirts Still the casual denim is beautiful and stylish.

?Embroidery embellishment is like putting on exquisite jewellery for the basic models. The style of individuality is flexible. Heart-shaped garlands surround the sisters of the mermaids who nestled in each other. The warm and romantic atmosphere of fairy tales appeals to people. Open the fun creative valve to make the basic strength circle powder, chest vegetable theme embroidery with French fresh taste, content is picky food patients do not love one of the food, cute and cute, but also to the heavy taste of no sense of light The summer reminds green life of health first. Cactus Flamingo is uniquely chic and fresh. The flamingos are bright and colorful. The temperament of the cactus represents a positive and upward growth posture. They are very popular fashion elements. The cartoon embroidery style looks like a color embroidery pattern. Lively and playful. From light blue to white, rich, light-colored embroidery features fine workmanship that understates luxurious taste, collar, cuffs, and body-shaped V-shaped have a corresponding light blue beaded trim embellishment and exquisite, overall retro style, is Remarkably elegant and relaxed. The classic white shirt with the classic design is slightly charming. The fresh and small flower embroidered patterns are scattered on the body. The pink and white color is fresh and pleasant. It moncler women is like walking through the moncler men spring and contaminating all the fragrance. The long sleeves on the shoulders make the whole in delicate and lazy. Balanced. Colorful geometric patterns embroidered on collars and lantern sleeves, show the romantic bohemian style with traditional craftsmanship, emphasizing craftsmanship, ancient, exotic boho style, after the simplification has a fresh and beautiful appearance, relaxed and unrestrained The version shows a free spirit. The fresh and natural white cotton skirt has a good state of not being invaded by the world. The black leaves are embroidered with three-dimensional textures. The skirts are full of growth, and there is a dusty artistic conception of the ink paintings. , Loose version of pleated high waist, not limited to the proportion of body shape. Embroidered patch bag decoration visual enhancement, help to create hips perfect body lines, but also let the neutral wind denim shorts filled with a warm and romantic boho atmosphere, burrs add to the trend of fluency, so that the shape is relatively simple and stylish behind the front.