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How to do with grease on clothes Eight easy tips to grease

What to do with grease on clothes? In daily life, clothes are often stained with edible oils, lard, vegetable oils and other oils. There are oil stains on the clothes, so how can you remove the oil stains? Keep in mind eight tips. When you eat, your clothes will get oily, and you will get oil when you do housework. Once our clothes are stained with oil, it will be very difficult to clean. So how do we clean the oil on the clothes? Fire alkali is an industrial raw material, the first decontamination ability. Perennial dirt clothes can easily be washed white with fire alkali. However, we must pay attention to safety during use. The gloves can be melted with hot water first, then moncler women the clothes soaked for about half an hour, you can see the water turns yellow, the clothes turn white, the oil stains are easily removed. In addition to flame-base industrial raw materials, the oil on the clothes can also be scrubbed with pine perfume, banana water, gasoline, etc., put in 3% salt water for a few minutes, and rinse with fresh water. After the clothes are contaminated with oil, squeezing the toothpaste into the stains, gently rub it several times, then rinse it with clean water, and the oil can moncler sale be removed. Take three spoonfuls of flour with a spoon and put it into a small bowl. Add water to stir into a batter, then apply the batter to the front and back of the oil on the clothes, and expose it to sunlight. Wait until the batter is dry. Scrap the flour with your hand. new.

Applying alcohol or salt solution to the oil can also remove the oil. Apply a paste of alcohol and chalk to the stain on the leather coat. After the paste has dried, carefully wipe it off. For the oil on clothes, light salt water is also a good detergent. Before washing clothes, put a proper amount of salt in the water, stir it until it is completely melted, put it into your clothes for about 40 minutes, and then wash it normally. Oil stains can be easily removed. With oil stains on the silk clothes, the talcum powder can be transferred into a paste and applied to the oil spot. After a certain period of time, the talcum powder is peeled off, then the paper is placed on the silk and ironed with a less hot electric iron. The clothes were accidentally dripped with oil. Before washing clothes, keep the clothes dry. Then drop the dishwashing liquid on the place where the oil drips. After two more squeezing, there will be no imprints when washing. First we wet the place where the stains on the clothes are stained, and moncler men then we sprinkle a layer of sugar and rub it with our hands. This time we can see that the oil stains on the clothes are already on the white sugar, and then clean it again with clean water and the oil will not be seen. Now.