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Fresh and artistic style, create a new coordinate fashion!

Want to give fresh impression of moncler sale literature and art, in addition to abdomen poetry books from outside China, dress is more important. Usually like to visit the bookstore, you will certainly think of wearing a dress, elegant and slowly into the crowd, turning over full of scholarly graphics, to be a quiet woman tranquil. If there is a single product is a classic time, do not go, I will first think white shirt, not too much decoration, simple and elegant, very lined white. Partial fresh white shirt, it is suitable for spring time with a cardigan, easy to wear literary fresh Fan children! Pure white body simple and clean, there is no limit to meet the age, so that the whole with countless possibilities; smooth lines with no complicated decorative details of the design, fully reflects the natural simplicity of the fashion trend; Hanging on the chest, showing casual temperament; also can be tied into a delicate bow tie in the neck, bringing pleasing soft atmosphere.

Sexy V-neckline, revealing a slender neck and clavicle curve; wave-shaped lace trim double flounces extend to the shoulders, and lace lantern sleeves echoes each other, showing gestures and elegance between the elegant and elegant; white elegance Colored with semi-see-through chiffon fabric, compose elegant and romantic femininity. Scarf shirt can be called synonymous with the classic French ladies, full of gentle romantic atmosphere of the scarf strap, you can with their own styling needs, arbitrarily developed a variety of unique straps. Whether it is tied a sweet bow, or as a tie to do a Windsor knot, you can just right to show the beautiful and moving retro ladies accent. Fashion has always been a moncler men fresh and vintage dress, simple design, unknowingly can show your touching charm. Well-designed dresses, more simple fresh sweet taste, wild design, how to wear all look good. Big dew back design, very feminine, revealing the back white skin, sexy charm. Irregular geometric style moncler coats full of artistic atmosphere printing, revealing a thick retro style. A-shaped skirt skirt cover was thin. Sleeveless cutting very simple atmosphere, unilateral lace design, casual bow tie embellished in the shoulder, fresh and sweet. Double-sided V-neck collar, highlight the delicate clavicle lines and back curves, add a touch of small sexy. High waist design outline Yingying a grip of the waistline, waist line spell color two buttons even more playful cute.

White lace blouse, striped vest and moncler women printed lace half-length dress. Lace blouse made of crochet craft, showing the delicate and elegant women, lace inlaid round neck adds fresh and sweet. Black and white striped vest, hem with a hollow flower stitching, novel and unique, the body of the flower patch to add three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. Lace striped half-length skirt, skirt loose and elegant, perspective effect makes the legs looming, sexy and elegant. Sweater is an indispensable spring fashion single product, no matter which little fairy will not refuse it! Sweater is not only warm to share, but also stylish wild tide. Wear a little, you can match the feeling of bright eyes!