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Down jacket trend, a key to unlock winter wear

Winter has passed by half, I believe many people have already witnessed the first snow in 2018, although the news has been talking about global warming, Xiaobian think the winter is very cold, what are your winter wear To keep warm Oversize down jacket, talking about oversize everyone's first feeling is hip-hop, who said winter can not wear oversize down jacket it? A big clothes inside the feeling of tolerance for the world ~ short down jacket, a lot of people do not like to wear short paragraph in the winter down jacket, in fact, short paragraph jacket is also very warm, but also pull the waist line, it is significant leg length Oh ~ large fur collar down jacket, oversized fur collar down jacket looked very warm ah, a face buried in a large fur collar, warm, the focus is really very small face ah ~ clothes with durable braid Process, wear-resistant and at the same time also help to save heat, three-dimensional anti-snow patch pocket, practical and very sense of design, delicate thread cuffs plus waist tight buckle design, buckle up not only the wind is still thin was thin yo ~ camouflage Jacket down onto the street is very pull the wind, instantly attract all sight, coupled with oversize loose models, hip-hop style, the fashion sense is almost burst, and this clothes are both positive and negative camouflage, the color is not the same, the front wear Tired of the opposite can come moncler jackets yo ~

Down velvet filling velvet high, thick, the back is a sense of modeling design, waist waist, both sides also made a long pull, the overall appearance of the locomotive wind moncler men leisure, but also joined the Korean version of the style sense of super Short paragraph is simply swept the world down jacket ah, street shooting at home and abroad are super hot, warm index of five stars, and the waist waist belt was waistline, the whole clothes is very simple but the degree of fashion is not bad at all yo ~ soft Fluffy big fur collar is absolutely cold winter assists the god of warmth, abundance of texture, it can enhance the dress style, clothes with a personalized lace hem, trendy fashion, both sides of the symmetrical oblique pocket design, easy Practical ~

Fox fur collar simulation, soft, super warm, Han Fan retro version, add a sense of ladies, waist design, was significantly thinner, was not bloated at all, intimate warm, cold and not afraid, sweet and elegant The coexistence of the three fashion ~ corduroy fabrics, and the length of the ankle, the whole person are wrapped up, the visual psychological temperature are very satisfied, and long sections are particularly easy to thin, visually stretched proportion of body, Leisure casual, all-round and meticulous moncler sale protection ~ Long down jacket filling amount is very full, very thick, good knee length warmth, even in the north are not afraid of cold, loose style, not too much design, The overall more simple, but very tactile, hooded design, very resistant to type ~