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Cool hooded sweater, you like to dark lines

Hooded sweater in recent years, street shooting stage is very popular, especially for handsome sister. Sweater brings the feeling is that vitality, youth, wear or with a very fashion will be absolutely eye-catching LOOK. Many sisters like dark sweater Department, looks cool, very personal, is the influx of people essential style. Simple letters decorated sweater, this sweater is very popular with the moisture sister, because it does not seem popular, have their own unique personality. Letter is simple, but also more atmospheric concave shape, if the bottoms with short skirts or boots, will enhance the more force. This simple paragraph hooded sweater, in order to wear the feeling of tide, do not mix sports pants, Wei pants, I believe such a complete package will not highlight your personality. You can try to wear a short section of seven pants, so there is a contrast between the upper and lower, will appear more dynamic.

Dark-colored hooded sweater, as a coat inside is also a good choice. Choose light-colored coat, open to wear exposed letters sweater front, then with a hot pants, not only youthful, but also look more moncler women sexy Oh. Loose letter plus velvet hooded sweater, are loose version, suitable for a variety of body wear, Joker simple and will not hit the shirt. Personal English alphabet is a bright spot, using the embroidery process, each letter is delicate and exquisite. Fabric is mink velvet, upper body velvety, very warm Oh. Cuff letters loose hooded sweater, sweater a variety of colors, can be combined with shorts, jeans, a single product of this type, there is a sense of high, loose version of everyone can control. Sweater cuffs make the overall moncler coats look very delicate sweater, fabric and cashmere thickened, especially windproof warmth. Velvet loose hooded sweater, sweater version of this sweater loose but relatively thin. Gold velvet feel good, the fabric can not afford the ball lint, soft and comfortable. Hood drawstring design, sewing precision and accurate not open line. Striped hooded sweater, compared to other sections of this relatively small and short, are more fit version. Plus cashmere hat is two layers, thin and medium size. Side stripes are very sporty style, look energetic and look good. Gold velvet letters hooded sweater, velvet high-quality fabrics, sweaters in ensuring the overall beauty of the same time also brought a sense of comfort to the skin. The overall exquisite workmanship, the letters on the jacket is also very tide, Street beat essential style. High waist short paragraph hooded sweater, sweater short paragraph hooded, lower hem waist exposed, especially significant figure. The overall style is not an exaggeration, are the basic models, moncler men very wild. Burgundy is very retro, feels fashionable.