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Communication in spring and summer, in a cotton and linen, since the Chengfanghua

In the spring and summer communicative occasions, the seven-sleeve sleeves are intimate companions, and on the basis of simplicity, the half-opening collars and loose longs are used to optimize the figure. The national wind prints on the sleeves are designed to extend the aesthetic and blue. The white color scheme goes to spring in a very refreshing and natural state. The calm and dynamic color scheme allows shirts to walk freely between students and white-collar workers. Students wear them to highlight their youthful vigor. White-collar workers wear well-being. After the buckle design, personality fashion, split details, structured, hem lace, elegant and casual. Conventional wide-leg pants replaced with breathable cotton and linen fabrics will be able to smoothly moncler jacket respond to the hot climate, and the color of the calm rules will no longer be heavy and have some flavor. Mid-waist shorts and wild solid colors are suitable for commuting and other occasions. Loose wide leg version, the small one can also be completed long legs plan. Cotton shirts can also hide mystery, winning details. Inadvertently overlapping pockets, not only lit shirt, but also the wearer's temperament, elegant literature and art, it goes without saying.

The literature and art fan never ask for moncler coats more fancy, but instead seek simple simplicity, seemingly ordinary, but under the fine product is a great range of children. The seven-point cuffs don't have extra trim, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the hem laces into a bow, giving the impression of a gentle but elegant style. Near the summer weather is no skirt, but sometimes, put on a pair of cotton trousers, casual flat shoes, casually take a plain T-shirt, walk in the streets of the city, there are also different Enjoyment. This is a kind of relaxation of the mind, remove the disguise, close to the real, leisurely, to experience the joy of life. Pure cotton-colored cotton trousers are the most versatile and fashionable. It's full of light and thin fabrics like the body's second layer of skin, from the inside out to release the unique charm of women and sexy posture . The sinusoidal pockets and the individual's curved, irregular footbands are designed to be loose and lean, with a strong plastic feel. The delicate embroidered arrangement of delicate leaves and warm temperament highlights the exquisite and beautiful details. Plain and elegant, the combination of classic round neck and sweet fungus makes it perfect for all kinds of matches and most occasions. Put it on, there is a kind of quiet, elegant and reserved, it is self-confident. Nothing to smile at the sun, it will bring you good luck. The literary moncler outlet and casual style dress is casual and comfortable. One-side large pockets, spliced ??smiley face, hem slit detail, eye catching sweet, age-old art, full of vitality! Although the colors are already very bright, the slacks of cotton and linen are still very simple and simple. The cotton and linen pants are like a set on the body, leisurely and comfortable, elastic natural waist, large pockets on the sides, long pants, shaping the body's proportion of coordination, was significantly taller and lighter!

Cotton and linen advocated by the return of natural moncler men wind, natural, organic, green, environmental protection, giving a healthy dress. Excellent breathability and skin-friendly fabrics can be used to care for the body, and the version is also relaxed. It is extremely comfortable in hot weather. The simple style also uses fresh plain vertical stripes. Although it is a little brighter, it wins in the real and is simple.