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New Products For May


  • Colorful Mosaic, Plaid Shirt World Tour

    There are many types of checks, such as Scottish Checker, Visic Checker, Prince of Wales Checker, Houndstooth Checker, Pane, and so on. If they are more true, most people can't distinguish them. It's better to call them mosaics. , image, fashion and chic, properly British international norms. Cool and refreshing chiffon shirt, the sleeves are thin and elegant, irregular line plaid unique personality, bow tie or no, two styles to create heart, with a solid color under the shape moncler jackets of a balance of temperament to make the balance even more. The shades are high-grade, and the dolls in the ear of the ear are reclaiming Lolita's feelings in the old time. They can fit naturally with straps or A-line skirts. They want blessing in the air and wide leg pants can help. The elegant and graceful Scottish red plaid is durable, awakens the enthusiasm of the heart, wears a variety of loose shirts, and wears well and wears well and wears various combinations with other single products. The pattern is moncler outlet endless throughout the year, or the trend or geek Can do whatever you like.

    Black and white Vichy is refreshing and retro, with an idyllic and literary temperament, or an essential element of French style, classic slim version, double-layer flared sleeve as a visual focus, adding elegance. Red and white Vichy's innocence and enthusiasm are like a touch of sunlight that illuminates the heart. The lotus leaf is surrounded by V collars and cuffs. It is sweet and charming. The delicate red and white moncler women Vichys help to transform into a lovely and retro sweetheart. The chic embroidered lapels and cuffs use a smaller plaid to impact the styling. The free-rolling sleeves can also show more clever effects. less.

    The oversized Vichy is generally relaxed and lazy. However, closer look is more interesting than sweeping away. It enhances the texture and enhances the detail. It reveals a delicate and low-key literary connotation that inadvertently touches the heart. Classic simple lapel shirt is worn, the design point is the playful collar tie and casual hand-painted check pattern, with a solid color can be commuting under the dress, the shape of intellectual elegance and personality vitality. Lattice shirts and the village one step difference, so the selection and wear are particularly exquisite, simple and loose style and not the devil's color matching priority, fully borrowed the inspiration of not good clothing, at least open into a V-necked dress than a board to get an interesting With fashion. Caramel color checkered art retro, lapels and cuffs have a rich sense of layered plaids, the collar is embroidered with floral embroidery, and the moncler jackets sleeves are embellished with hollow ruffles, complementing the simplicity, emphasis on detail and texture.

    2018-05-24 10:19:25
  • V-neck chiffon shirt avatar romantic thin moncler women fairy

    The cool chic chiffon shirt is a good thing for daily wear. The V-shaped neckline is not only thin and small, but also light and tidy. The simple and neat style is more able to set off the temperament, the pure color section can be communicative, and the printing section is casual. Romantic girl, there is always a touch to your heart. The pure-colored chiffon shirt is wild and elegant. The exquisite embroidered decoration is featured in the neck of the V-shaped neckline. The double-layered flounced cuffs set off the slender arms. The chiffon fabrics are cool and elegant in the summer. The female boss Fan's chiffon shirt has a powerful gas field from the inside out, and the elegant colors are easily matched with all the workplace moncler jackets items. The neat atmosphere is tailored to suit the day-to-day decisive routine of the decisive collar and the v-neck of the clavicle is fixed on the neck. The lower end is fixed by metal. , Skilled personality charm. The collar will be extended and fixed with a pearl buckle. A lap around the rotator cuff is spliced ??with a lotus leaf. The upper and the lotus leaf sleeves are both light and light blue. The whole dream is romantic. The orange color is warm and lively. Small digital prints fill the bodice. The V-neck appears to be smart, the tops are dazzlingly complex, and the bottoms are designed to balance the shapes with simple styles.

    The casual sweater version is used, and there are multiple edges. The jacquard fabric itself is very detailed. The embroidery of the two sleeves is beautiful and vivid. It can also help the arm to be thin visually. It is moncler sale close to the white T in the wear. Exotic printing makes it overflow with holiday-like pleasure. It has a unique cultural connotation, so the beauty is not pretentious. When choosing one of the colors to extend, the shape has a harmonious overall feeling. Wavy lines hollow large V-neck moncler men elegant and elegant white, exquisite vine small blue flowers look years of quiet and pleasant, relaxed lotus leaf sleeves elegant and comfortable, filling lady temperament. The full version of the print shows a lively and vibrant natural picture. The pale colors appear soft and gentle. The ribbons on the chest and the lapels and cuffs on the ruffles release the girl's long-asleep heart.

    2018-05-22 10:33:30
  • Flare pants regain, rebellious cowboy is also tender

    The stylish wheels turned and returned to the trend of bell-bottoms. The trouser legs became trumpet-cut, injecting gentle elements into the rebellious denim fabric, and the cowboy's rigid personality became tender and watery. Color matching and flashing elements, personality, taste, fashion sense are strong, bright enough for a strong sense of style, with the corresponding simple, very long pants, high elevation with no enough to come together, with a high waist ratio.

    The advantage of bell-bottoms is to modify the imperfect lower leg, so that the moncler men legs look fine and straight, micro-elastic cotton blend fabric with breathable and durable advantages, pocket tassels and trousers embroidered to add a sense of romantic and ethnic style. The nine-minute length reveals a slender ankle that is most friendly to the body, a high waist to create the perfect proportions, cuffed fringe embellishment to enhance the moncler women stylish sense, wild black models, and most of the wardrobe items can be harmonious coexistence.

    The raw edge of the trousers and the hem of the trousers and the side slits are the vogue deities. Not only do the vaguely exposed legs show a little sexy, but they can also form vertical lines to help the eyes to be visually tall, coupled with the sharp shoes to walk with a brilliance. From the knees, the trousers slowly spread apart, and the lines and split ends were added to strengthen the legs. The length of the nine-pants lengthened before the V-mouth and revealed the ankles and insteps. From the top of the trousers, it begins to slowly extend outwards. It is close to the widest leg pants that can be thinned. The requirements for the thighs are greatly reduced. The waist and hips are designed to lift the hips, make the body comfortable, and the trousers are gradually gradient and quasi-trend. Easily create chic shapes. The nine-foot long pants are the moncler men most approachable styles. The requirements on the shoes are reduced, and the trousers' edges are broken to make the styling become lively and casual. Formal leisure is appropriate. Irregular burrs make the jeans simple but not simple, and the modified ankles have a visually long leg, and they are personal and handsome. They are concave styling artifacts, with simple items, and a sense of fun. Trumpet trousers retro tone, easy to wear big long legs, show a large and elegant woman, even if the neutral wear is not enticing curves, with high-heeled or pointed shoes help to extend the line, reduce the trouser leg to leg Long swallowing.

    2018-05-19 10:21:38
  • Seven-point wide leg trousers tyrannical air beckons to Queen Wind

    Short-leg wide-leg trousers havent faded since they became popular, and the easiest one to manage is a seven-point length. It just covers the most sturdy position of the calf, exposing the slimst part of moncler outlet the leg to the maximum, and with the high-heeled blast the effect of the blower comes out. If you want to have a more powerful gas field, you can have a Queen Wind with a Slim Fit. The wide-legged pants are immediately like a skirt, so the elegance of the dress and the moncler sale trousers are handsome, and there is no fear of the wind. The seven-point length is thin and elegant, covering the calf and showing relatively slender ankles. The waist has achieved the purpose of increased leanness. Gentle and refreshing gray linen and blue fabrics meet the natural cotton fabric with breathability. It is natural and artistic. Irregular geometry cuts enhances the sense of fun and fashion, avoiding stereotypes and displaying unique personality. Sweet flower bud waist and pleated design to enhance the waist line modification waist, military green white lining skin comes with a handsome and handsome, itself is very soft and very attractive, with different jackets and shoes, style can be LORI can be sister.

    The cropped trousers like skirts combine the neatness of the veil with the neatness of the trousers. The smart splicing on both sides enriches the design details and adds a bit of mystery to the contrasting texture of the base cotton T. And the sensation is relaxed and relaxed. The wide-leg pants in summer are best for light and thin draping. They don't feel breathable and refreshed. They will be well-adjusted for any leg type. In addition to the basic color, the color models are not difficult to digest on the lower body, with a simple single. Product modeling is very dazzling, contracted summer vitality. The color is low-key, the design is suitable for flying, the black wide-leg pants can also be changed, the waist-like portrait printing is fun and interesting, the perspective double-layered design of the opening and the anti-permeability layer is fashionable and novel, which is probably followed by skirt pants and skirt skirts. After the stack of pants, wear a small flame. The basic style of wide leg pants is to avoid delicate dragging. The narrow upper and lower width ratio is good. The elastic waist is thin and convenient. The lateral quilting forms a longitudinally extending line to help optimize the figure. Wild black wide-leg pants can easily run through multiple seasons to get daily shapes. Formal leisure is nothing to do. Choose the smooth-colored shoes or reveal the moncler men instep is the key to extend the proportion.

    Professional wide-leg pants suits have a strong gas field, and simple T-shirts/shirts and shoes are decent and efficient commuting routines, where the clothes are placed in the waistline and the exposed soles are the most prominent. Draped high waist plus sporty drawstrings look playful and lively. The overall casual atmosphere, retro dark green bring fresh feelings to the moncler outlet daily styling, with light-colored tops can brighten and sweet lady style, with white or pink style.

    2018-05-17 10:37:32
  • Striped Polo Shirt Joys to wake up your wardrobe

    In the summer, men in the workplace should all have a POLO shirt. Its sense of casualness can hold a relaxed and suitable business exchange such as a golf course. Its formal sense can also help you create a mature and stable image in the workplace. . Wild Polo shirt, fresh and fashionable look, young and fashionable, blue and white stripes to bring the sea to the summer atmosphere, so that the eyes can be completely relaxed, can be equipped with a simple cowboy highlights its refreshing vitality, or moncler men trousers light shoes texture Commuting wind. The Polo shirt associated with the nobility sport, with tight and strong muscles to control it is very perfect, regardless of the sporty occasions or the casual leisure time, can show extravagance and style. Bright red and white stripes sway summer enthusiasm, the following splicing navy blue to make the overall more restraint, but also for the preparation of dark colors, red, white and blue colors are also very classic, crisp shirt collar collar formal casual leisure, from There is no moncler men pressure from the college to the workplace. The classic beaded mesh fabric is breathable and cool. The embroidered horse on the left chest is exquisitely textured. The classic style means that the practicality does not pick people and will not be outdated. The black moncler jackets and blue stripes will be calm and elegant, with a formal sense of a gentleman. Texture.

    Lapels and bodice use different density stripes to enrich the visual level, blue-gray stripes are introverted and intellectual, and the colors on them can be selected to echo the gradient or brighten the whole shape with white. Contrast stripes are clearly defined, white is the main style, and the black and gray form a gradual gradient effect. The neutral color mainly plays a small area of ??red ornament. The whole will not be too high, but it has temperature and vitality. Blue, orange, and orange tri-colored stripes vary in width and size and are plentiful enough to be eye-catching. Others choose colors to make the whole not too fancy. You can join baseball caps and other young items to awaken inner vitality. You can also choose a simple textured product to set off the background. Elegant and stable temperament. The highlights of the orange and blue stripes on the blue background highlight the asymmetrical beauty of the left chest pocket breaking rule, giving the sun a more active and fashionable atmosphere. It can be used with younger items to demonstrate youthfulness or to maintain a single product to express mature charm.

    2018-05-15 10:20:48
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