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New Products For April


  • Remarkably elegant and relaxed, pajamas and shirts are very stylish

    The moncler coats shirt is really worn in the new style and a lot of grass. This time, the selection will focus on the collar. The lapel like a suit will form a thin and cool V-shape, but it is more intellectual and subtle than the ordinary V-neck. There are several types of names, including the Cuban collar/retro lapel in the men's wear and the pajama collar used in the women's wear. Stacked white printed long-sleeved T-shirt inside the black printed pajamas wind shirt, the color harmony echoes, white T can also brighten the skin color, the outer short and long length of the stacking method is also very trendy, wearing denim pencil pants to close the lines, The style is simple and clean. Cotton shirts avoid the stereotypes by having these sleeping collars open and closed with these fresh details. The embroidered decorative chest pockets are low-key and chic. The loose-shouldered version is comfortable and slim, and the delicate folds behind add a little playfulness, adding freshness to the styling. Elegant charm. Let white shirts avoid monotony, edging Dafa clearly and clearly, on the basis of the original tailoring to highlight the structural outline of the shirt, instantly sparkling lively, college suits, pajamas shirts of the dimension wall to break this, pink trim brings fresh and beautiful halo Can light up mood.

    Black hemline white shirt, color more cool, black thin lines in a large area of ??white walk, if there is nothing, fine and delicate, is the pen of the fun of the high street fan, with a black wide leg pants, showing in the flowing water Modern and immortal. V-neck has always been generous and accessible, with a small chest wearing a sense of high-quality, large breasts can also weaken the sense of the visual sense of thin, so casual shirt wear is very reliant on the deduction, in order to highlight the skin to achieve lean purposes, pajamas wind lapel With V-shaped without any deliberate, cool and thin sense of high-level solutions to really close. Red wine white wave point interpretation of playful retro style, loose H version of the classic and practical wear, lazy pajamas wind lapel easily interpreted French elegant fan, brighter season has it better, take high-waist wide leg pants neat atmosphere, in recent years, hot Retro pockets, big earrings can also match it. The navy wind lapel lines are even moncler women more fluid and smooth, with a chic shawl effect behind it, which can be used to modify the upper body lines. The double-breasted coats used in coats or suits are used on shirts. The uniqueness is unique. The flared cuffs are chic and the fabric is smooth. Good drape, dressed in a neat dress.

    Wide and large oversize version of the wear casual boyfriend style, front pajamas wind lapel, followed by a collar pulled down after the effect, lazy whimsical style unique, collar embroidery embroidered firmly attract attention, fall shoulder Folded lantern sleeve elegant retro. The trend of plaids is getting more and more intense. There are many different colors. The British and college styles represented by the Scottish red plaid are also updated. The worsted cotton fabric shows a neat silhouette. The buttons under the pajamas wind collars are free from irregularities and irregularities. The chest pocket also used a check pattern with different directions to collide and break the stereotypes to show a variety of geometric styles. A variety of slogan slogans were bombed in turn, showing how important it is to dress and express themselves. Khaki apricots are a low-key, gentle, high-saturated, red-green, slogan-style slogan that instantly captures positive energy transmitters and uses cowboy youth. It's nice to mix it with coolness. The zodiac elements have experienced a variety of long-sleeved items and then turned to shirts. The elements of the shape and spirit of Wang are selected and arranged in order to achieve a moderate size, so that moncler women the lazy fan shirts are full of life and unconventional, light blue shirts. Express fresh and beautiful summer, burgundy edge to enhance the degree of refinement. The light blue background is like the vastness of the sea and sky. It complements the prints on the submarine style. It is full of dreams and full of coolness. The printed content is rich in bearing memories and hopes. The neutral shirt version is well-dressed for a sense of coolness. Daily commuting and vacations are available. Use it to save the field. The last one is a dress, high-waisted and elegant retro, suit-style contrast color lapel to add a capable woman style, horizontal and vertical stripe mosaic rich to avoid monotonous, black and white color fresh and elegant, add color accessories can be lively and romantic, with a simple low-key shoes Can understand commuting.

    2018-04-18 10:26:43
  • Who is the leader of the shirt?

    This season, it is suitable to wear shirts, this conclusion does not accept any refutation, especially women, must start with one, whether it is used to wear alone or used to make the bottom, experience is awesome, that is the most versatile single There is no sense of violation of the product. Do not believe, try to know. Satin shirts, with a luxurious atmosphere, as if they were born is not something in the pool, posture is quite proud, with the passion of orange-red, simply not too dazzling, nothing to say, used to improve the return rate is absolutely not Problems, eye-catching degree, five stars. Also moncler men attracting eye-catching, this shirt's style is relatively personal, not relying on color, nor on material, but on style. The flared sleeves, without losing the sense of design, are decorated with a few letters of color escape, plus a careful machine for taking in the waist, not to mention being different. Of course, there are some women who do not love to be maverick and prefer to be law-abiding. The reason is simple and lazy. The advantage of a clean white shirt, which is not particularly prominent, is that it is highly compatible. It can be combined with any of the bottoms in the closet. There is no need to worry about not moncler jackets wearing it. Slightly relaxed, you can choose a lighter style shirt, not too serious, as long as it highlights the unique charm of a woman is enough. The big red lace-up sleeved sleeve shirt is good, gestures, style is complete, charming from the inside out, the block can not stop.

    Different from flirtatious big red shirts, denim shirts belong to the well-behaved type. After all, most of the audience are still not out of the schools student party. They do not want to exaggerate and exaggerate, and they are all-encompassing, and are not worthy of class, they are better off honestly. Small fresh routes, maybe children can also receive some unexpected surprises. Generally speaking, the shirt that steals boyfriend's shirt will be a white shirt. I did not expect pink shirt to be able to wear such an extraordinary effect. The sexy, green, and neutral ones can be seen. Legend has it. The boyfriend in the non-waiting generation ah. Women who do not have boyfriends will have to ask for their own happiness. The rich royal blue color is like a natural nobleman. There is no need to deliberately concave the shape. The collar is an understatement of tying a red ribbon and can be viewed from afar. The child moncler coats is ready to go. In the increasingly hot weather days, the existence of perspective shirts will be inevitable. White perspective will inevitably be superficial, and the black perspective will always be a classic. Especially women who enter society must not miss the legend. It is here that you want to show off the charm of still retiring.

    2018-04-16 10:31:49
  • Communication in spring and summer, in a cotton and linen, since the Chengfanghua

    In the spring and summer communicative occasions, the seven-sleeve sleeves are intimate companions, and on the basis of simplicity, the half-opening collars and loose longs are used to optimize the figure. The national wind prints on the sleeves are designed to extend the aesthetic and blue. The white color scheme goes to spring in a very refreshing and natural state. The calm and dynamic color scheme allows shirts to walk freely between students and white-collar workers. Students wear them to highlight their youthful vigor. White-collar workers wear well-being. After the buckle design, personality fashion, split details, structured, hem lace, elegant and casual. Conventional wide-leg pants replaced with breathable cotton and linen fabrics will be able to smoothly moncler jacket respond to the hot climate, and the color of the calm rules will no longer be heavy and have some flavor. Mid-waist shorts and wild solid colors are suitable for commuting and other occasions. Loose wide leg version, the small one can also be completed long legs plan. Cotton shirts can also hide mystery, winning details. Inadvertently overlapping pockets, not only lit shirt, but also the wearer's temperament, elegant literature and art, it goes without saying.

    The literature and art fan never ask for moncler coats more fancy, but instead seek simple simplicity, seemingly ordinary, but under the fine product is a great range of children. The seven-point cuffs don't have extra trim, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the hem laces into a bow, giving the impression of a gentle but elegant style. Near the summer weather is no skirt, but sometimes, put on a pair of cotton trousers, casual flat shoes, casually take a plain T-shirt, walk in the streets of the city, there are also different Enjoyment. This is a kind of relaxation of the mind, remove the disguise, close to the real, leisurely, to experience the joy of life. Pure cotton-colored cotton trousers are the most versatile and fashionable. It's full of light and thin fabrics like the body's second layer of skin, from the inside out to release the unique charm of women and sexy posture . The sinusoidal pockets and the individual's curved, irregular footbands are designed to be loose and lean, with a strong plastic feel. The delicate embroidered arrangement of delicate leaves and warm temperament highlights the exquisite and beautiful details. Plain and elegant, the combination of classic round neck and sweet fungus makes it perfect for all kinds of matches and most occasions. Put it on, there is a kind of quiet, elegant and reserved, it is self-confident. Nothing to smile at the sun, it will bring you good luck. The literary moncler outlet and casual style dress is casual and comfortable. One-side large pockets, spliced ??smiley face, hem slit detail, eye catching sweet, age-old art, full of vitality! Although the colors are already very bright, the slacks of cotton and linen are still very simple and simple. The cotton and linen pants are like a set on the body, leisurely and comfortable, elastic natural waist, large pockets on the sides, long pants, shaping the body's proportion of coordination, was significantly taller and lighter!

    Cotton and linen advocated by the return of natural moncler men wind, natural, organic, green, environmental protection, giving a healthy dress. Excellent breathability and skin-friendly fabrics can be used to care for the body, and the version is also relaxed. It is extremely comfortable in hot weather. The simple style also uses fresh plain vertical stripes. Although it is a little brighter, it wins in the real and is simple.

    2018-04-11 10:23:20
  • White shirts and flower shirts, workplace men wear Raiders

    As office wear, light blue, light red, light yellow, beige, ivory and other light colors are undoubtedly the mainstream of shirts. However, if it is not a very serious occasion, some of the printing elements that are popular this year are also worth trying. Judging from the current fashion trends, the design of the collar of the minimalist shirt must be simple and low-key, which is also the trend of the resumption of minimalism. When wearing, tie the shirt to the neck, highlighting the charm of a gentleman. Pick a shirt with a sturdy, technical fabric that is both stylish and stylish. A fair-skinned man can choose to wear a green, gray tone shirt, it will appear low-key and not lose the taste. Choosing a slightly looser white shirt, with a loose windbreaker, the rigid white shirt will glow with new vitality. Solid color shirts are good, but they are also boring. Occasionally using a stylish print shirt as a ride, is also a common choice for men. It's best to choose a dark shirt with a low-key and generous style. It doesn't seem like you've just returned from Hawaii.

    Small bee embroidery men's long-sleeved shirt high-end business non-iron shirt, fine sewing lines, highlighting the simple beauty, excellent quality, elegant style and fashion. The embroidery process is beautiful moncler jackets and the details reflect quality. Men's essential white shirt, fabric fried chicken comfortable it! Whether it is inside or outside, it looks three-dimensional. Slim version can bring out the lines of the men's figure, even if there is a little bit of meat can be hidden. DP-free French shirt business Slim is installed white shirt men's cotton casual, shirt resin collar support, French shirt plus silk thread cufflinks, superb technology to achieve the overall quality of the shirt, better ironing effect, wearing a more stylish. Multi-dimensional bag cotton slim tailored long-sleeved shirt, a comprehensive texture, washing process, three-dimensional cut, multi-dimensional pocket decoration, three-dimensional deconstruction sleeve elbow design, super easy to take the shirt. Men and women jacket couple BF loose style, full custom unique logo LOGO printing, hand-polished, expensive washing, with cowboy outsourcing details of the car moncler outlet line, better reflect the streets of hip-hop style. Long-sleeved embroidered tops, slim casual moncler men vintage shirts, hand-embroidered embroidery, exquisite detailing, exquisite mandala flower pattern embroidery are very unique, and stand-up collar retro design is very impressive. The elegant and fashionable gray color is used as the background color, with the ink flowing sand printing process, and the harmony dissolves. The large body is made of mulberry moncler men silk and linen intertwined, noble and elegant temperament, light luxury style model. Casual Shirts Trend shirts men, hem design with full zipper, adding the elements of the streamer, comfortable cotton fabrics to bring a high-quality wearing experience, front chest magnets to facilitate the removal of items.

    2018-04-09 10:34:16
  • Early spring fashion moncler sale with a male trousers to get!

    The style of a person's clothing, including the upper body and lower body and shoes, but we often pay more attention to the choice of shirt, but often only pay attention to the clothes and shoes with each other, ignore the pants with, or not enough care, or do not quite understand, with a good one Clothes, but also wear depressing. If you want to be more stylish, you must start with the pants, girls are good choices, skirts and jeans shorts, and each has a different style, but for boys, this is not an easy thing , whether it is leisure or sports should be a good choice. There are many patterns in pants, short and long, each size has its own different taste, not to mention there are loose and self-cultivation, printing and solid colors and many other differences, so want to test dress tide is not optimistic about the quality of pants Very important. The arrival of the spring, the era of plus velvet leggings moncler jacket is nearing completion, the neatness of thin jackets with trousers has quietly recovered.

    Selected high-quality fabrics, multiple washing process, changed the problem of fading of cotton fabrics. Focus on pocket design, personalized and practical, super perfect. Casual loose design, you can easily modify your body version, spring wear, I believe you will be very handsome! Cotton fabric, soft and super skin-friendly, there are models with super handsome children! Stretch fabric pants legs are not tight, coupled with loose trousers, more athletic energy. With multiple pocket designs, everyday casuals can be solved at any time, making it easier to carry some items. Made of very delicate fabrics, non-scalding process, micro-elastic process, the design of the waist, Harlan pants version, feet and feet can easily make you turn spring God! Cotton and linen materials are used on the fabric to increase breathability and comfort. Custom zips at the trousers and pockets add to the trend of individuality. The loose design of the thighs and hips is more natural and comfortable. With high quality polyester fabric, the upper body is very soft and comfortable, cool and more breathable. Stitching the details of the contrast and webbing adds a sense of detail to the trousers and is more fashionable. Super repair version of the leg, comfortable and handsome, simple and stylish! A variety of colors of cotton and linen cropped pants, slim feet tapered version, wearing a moncler men very comfortable, very texture. Straight version of the model, wearing a very modified leg type, easier to match clothes, simple and versatile. The use of high-quality fabrics, the upper body is very comfortable, breathable and soft surname what is super good. retro style design is very retro. The feet of the pants are designed to be more comfortable and have a modified leg shape. Use high-quality fabrics that are cool, breathable and naturally comfortable. Slim version, more comfortable and personal. The side of the hit color stripes design, more personality. The design of the legs of the feet is even thinner. The most fashionable you, of course, with moncler men a fashionable pants!

    2018-04-04 10:27:04
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  • Fashion skirts gather to make the new season even more exciting
  • Warm knit shirt, hold up the entire men's season!
  • The spring and summer pop is not the moncler jacket same, bare shoulder compose a new chapter
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